Learning From Fellow Bloggers

At the beginning of the spring semester we were all assigned a blog to keep up with throughout the school year. I am now going to shout out to my fellow bloggers for some awesome posts or topics that they have talked about on their blogs!

  1. My dear friend Stephanie Walrack went above and beyond with her blog and made extra posts about things we did in the class, but I never thought of posting! In her post My First Makerspace, she did an exceptional job of first explaining what a makerspace was. And then she went in to detail about the makerspace that we facilitated with the middle school! She makes very good use of videos and pictures in her blog!
  2. Secondly, I really related to Nicole’s blog post about Using Apple. This blog post really aligned with me because I had always just had an android and I have learned a lot about some apple products in this class. & I just recently switched to team iPhone, so it is neat to learn about new education apps.
  3. Lastly, I really like the way Hannah formatted her blog post about Flipped Classroom. The things I liked most about it was that she explained what the flipped classroom was, listed benefits and concerns and then she also included tools for a flipped classroom. When I blog in the future I plan on being a little bit more in depth and informational like Hannah’s post!

I am really excited about how far all of our blogs have come from the beginning of the semester & I can’t wait to see where this takes us as future educators!


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